Q & A

Answering some of your most asked questions.

Is cannabis toxic to pets?

Yes, and no. If titrated (administered) correctly, cannabis is safe for pets. However, if cannabis is administered without a full understanding of all factors involved (e.g. pet age, breed, weight and overall health, strain of cannabis employed, etc.), the animal may develop neurological effects such as static-ataxia.

If I administer a cannabis tincture to my pet,
will it make them 'high'?

No. Our cannabis tincture offers a very subtle, relaxing experience, with no appreciable psychoactive effect. 

My dog was recently diagnosed with cancer.
What benefits will a cannabis tincture offer him?

Documented therapeutic benefits of cannabis have proven to reduce the management of pain and nausea in pets with cancer, and as an appetite stimulate, thus providing relief from other distressing symptoms.

I've seen a variety of hemp tinctures
for sale across the internet. How do I know
if I'm getting a quality product, or simply the
product of someone's backyard hobby?

To be certain you're purchasing a quality product, be sure to conduct a little research when shopping around. Look for a tincture that discloses its ingredients, as well as how it's made:

  • What parts of the plant are utilized?
  • Does the product's label indicate its potency?
  • Is the product lab-verified?

A maker of quality tinctures will stand by their product and provide you with these and many other useful facts about their ingredients and production process, enabling you to make the best choice for your pet.